Turkey Hunting

Tree and Ground Stand Hunting for Turkeys

When most people think of turkey hunting they imagine a hunter covered head to toe in camo sitting against a tree, gun ready, with a box call on the ground beside him. Very few people imagine a turkey hunter sitting in a tree stand. But think about all the times you have been sitting in the woods deer hunting and have seen scores of turkey pass your stand. Why can’t you just pretend to be deer hunting when hunting turkey? Well, the answer is that you can.

For a variety of reasons people choose to deer hunt from a tree stand or ground blind. One reason is that some people just aren’t good at calling turkeys. Diaphragm calls make some people gag. Box calls and other friction calls can be hard to use. Some people simply don’t like to have to sit still for long periods of time. Myself, I actually bought a single shot .22 Hornet specifically to turkey hunt with. Sitting without moving for half an hour with bugs crawling over my face waiting for a turkey to come 5 more yards into range of a shotgun just does not sound like fun to me. Sitting comfortably in an old barn on the edge of a field and reading a Pat McManus book while waiting for a turkey to stroll by is much more enjoyable. While many traditionalists find something wrong with that, it doesn’t bother me one bit.

When hunting from a tree stand or blind, selection of your stand location is of primary importance. Obviously your stand must be in a place that is likely for turkeys to visit. Flats in woods near food sources, field corners, holes in fences, along old roads, these are all great places for a turkey stand. Make sure that you are set up in a place that provides you with plenty of cover to conceal your movements. I highly recommend an old barn or building, but unfortunately this isn’t always an option.

There are actually a couple advantages to turkey hunting from a stand or blind. One, as you are not likely to be calling you are less likely to draw the attention of other hunters and get shot at. Second, you are freer to move when hunting in a concealed location. Again as you are not calling, turkeys are not going to be looking for the source of the sound and less likely to spot you. If you are setting up in an area that is open, such as a field you might want to consider the use of a decoy or two. Chances are if a turkey passes through they will come over to check out the newcomer. Stand hunting for turkey might be a novel idea to some, but it is a method that you might want to consider as it will certainly work.


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