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Bear Hunting tips

Comparative to other animals that are hunted bears present an especially difficult set of challenges to any hunter desirous of bagging one, mostly because of their incredibly keen senses and constant awareness of their surroundings. The essentials of bear hunting are all connected to this fact, and a hunter that does not recognize a Bear’s ability has absolutely no chance of success. As with any hunting endeavor, the chances of a positive outcome lies in hunter education – in gaining the requisite knowledge of habitat and traits that are specific to the animal being stalked. In the case of bears, specifically black bears because they are the most prevalent bear hunted, an individual that is familiar with character traits has several options in how they decide to go about the hunt.

Black bears tend to stay in a rather localized area for most of their lives, so long as there are ample food sources available. Approximately 75 percent of a Bear’s diet consists of vegetation such as berries and nuts, while the remaining 25 percent consists of protein sources such as small animals, fish, insects and carrion. If a hunting location does not possess the adequate food sources a bear will not stay there long, and to hunt in this type of location will offer poor results. Similarly, a hunter needs to recognize the signs of the presence of bears such as tracks, droppings and scratch marks on trees. In order to be successful a hunter needs to make certain that they are in an active bear habitat.

A Bear’s sense of smell is about 250 times greater than that of humans, and because of this special precautions need to be adhered to strictly when hunting them. An individual hunting bear should always use a scent cover for this reason, and refrain from smoking or using any product that leaves a trace of a man-made smell, including soaps and hygiene products. A hunter’s clothing should be made of a soft material that does not produce noise with movement, and footwear should allow a hunter to travel with stealth.

The manner in which bear can be hunted are diverse – from hunting in a tree stand to a spot and stalk method, and even commercially made bear calls work well on mature bears. It is important that a hunter get a good shot set up before attempting to make a kill, as an injured bear that gets away is a considerable danger.
Likewise, it is necessary to be able to distinguish a sow with cubs, as it is universally illegal to shoot them. A female bear is considerably smaller that a male black bear, and their ears tend to be smaller and closer together.

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